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Interested in doing a powerlifting competition?


This program is designed to integrate both compound power movements with unilateral accessories in an 8 week progressive overload format. Cardio/abdominal exercises are also integrated to continue to work on overall health, core and body composition.


This program includes a guide to understanding the program, information on choosing RPE, how to prepare for an AMRAP, meet-day reminders and choosing attempts and notes for each movement.


This program is an easily downloadable PDF file that will be emailed and downloaded upon purchase. If problems occur, please email: to resolve any technical issues. 


Please be sure to try it and tag us on Instagram: @EnergizingBB to be featured on our story/opportunity to win free items! 

Powerbuilding 2.0

  • This product will be downloaded automatically after purchase as a PDF. If problems occur, please email: for support. 

  • All sales final. No returns and no refunds.

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